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Visa Interview


"Icelandic Horses": There are some big updates and I am actually proud of me that I finally menaged to do the "Icelandic Horses" - section! It was some hard work...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s been nearly a week ago that my parents and I drove upt to Frankfurt am Main to "The Consulate of The United States of America". I had to do an interview because of the visa. I was totally stressed out... We had to get so many different forms (DS-156, DS-158, DS-2019) and they were somehow all the same. I had to pay two different fees and my parents and I had to write three statements (one that my parents were okay with me getting a visa, one that they are able to support me (financially) and one saying that I'm going to go back to Germany at the end of the program). But they didn't look at any of least I had them with me!

But I kind of felt like an dangerous criminal...there was so many security and I swear I've seen guys with guns. First I had to get a tickets (I had T169 *g*) and then I had to go through security. There I met a nice girl from another organisation that was also getting her visa. We went trough security together and she even had to hand over her belt (luckily for me I had decided against wearing one this morning). The security looked like the one at aiports.

Then we had to walk trough a short Garden...but I didn't feel comfortable I felt like beeing watched (Well, I was!). I always looked back. And I was relieved when entering the main hall. There was a nice woman that told us to take a seat in the waiting hall until our number was called. There we met two other girls that were also very nice.

When our numbers were called we walked over to the counter and handed over our things (we had to carry them arround in plastic foils that were see-trough). The woman took everything and it went pretty fast. We had to take our seat again until we were called to the next counter where they took our finger prints and asked some questions (Are you going to go to highschool? Do you know where you are going, yet? Who pays for you? What do your parents do for a living?...)

It took only 45 minutes. I heard from others that they spent 4 ours in there

Now I think that it was no big deal. I mean I live, right? But it's still something I wouldn't want to do every day. The security gave me shivers down my spine.



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