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Hey there! Since the other source isn't working I'm copying the pics on this page (well, trying to) and I hope you'll be able to see it this time. Might take me a couple of days to do that, but oh well! Ok, let's go

NY Timesquare and me in April 2007

Me in Savannah in Front of "my" school (SCAD)

AP Art History rocks Washington D.C in March 2007

Silver and me sometime in February 2007

Gulf of Mexico at Siesta Key (Seresota), FLORIDA in February 2007

GLI exchange students at SixFlags amusementpark in D.C, October 2007
If anybody wants to know, the girl next to me is Camila, the girl next to her is Lea (my hostsister) and the guy standing at the left corner is Till from Augsburg (goes to my school also)

Orange Trees in FLORIDA (in Avon Park) in February 2007

Me and the NY Skyline (on the ferry to the statue) in April 2007

At the Wilmington Theatre (Hairspray) with my Art teacher (funny foto of her), next to me (left) is Nikki from Cali and on the far right is Erin

Me playing comment *lol*

my lucky soccer number )

Ok, I hope that works...I'll try to get more up but the other ones are the old ones you were able to see.


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Hey guys!

I'm just starting my own blog - like a diary - so you can still read what I'm up to in the USA next year. And I don't have to send 1000 emails (You know I'm a lazy person concerning emails!)

But I also and most importantly started it for my host family (hey there! ) to get more information and pictures about me, my family and stuff.

There is still lots of work for me to do until it's finished (don't think it'll ever be) but at least it's something.

Ok, now it's up to you to look trough everyting (perhaps you want to leave a message? Just chose "Gästebuch" and there you go) If you want to get an email about any news (telling you about a new post or any development on this side), just chose "Abonnieren" and fill in your email-adress.

Enjoy this side!
See you soon!


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Hey guys!

This is the mail I just wrote my friend Monique in Michigan. It's kind of a summary of what happened so far and if someone it is!

The last few weeks there have been some complications and I had to change families last week. My hostmom and I just...didn't connect. Everything was great until my french hostsister (she moved in two weeks after me) became more comfortable. First we did get along pretty well, but then I got to know her more and she really is a person I could not live with. I called her "spoiled little princess", because that's just what she is.
But my hostmom likes her better, because she is very confident (too confident for my liking) and she went out more on the weekends. But that's just because she became friends with this other exchange-stundent from Italy (apparently her only friend) and they lived close + they could pick her up and bring her home.

My friends lived at least 30 minutes away and we really lived on a farm outside town, 7 miles to the next bigger (2000 people) town. And my hostmom refused to drive us further than that. So I was stuck at home. And I do Cross Country in the afternoon, so she had to pick me up from the activity bus every day after work (she picked me up right away, without going home first) and I had to work hard to do all my work for school so would not miss anything. I had one very low C in English, because I missed one homework and some papers, because we had a XC meet. My hostmom got so upset about it.

My hostsister is actually failing Chemistry, but my hostmom did not say anything. She really did favor her and in the end it got so bad that I could do nothing right and my sister could do nothing wrong. Every little thing I did I had to worry about getting yelled at for doing it. Talk about patience. I just wanted to go home because I felt so awful. So I called my area coordinator and she talked to me for a long time until I agreed to move to her house, at least for two weeks, to see if I really want to go home or if it's just my hostmom I don't get along with.

Right now I'm at her house and I'm pretty comfortable here. She just understands me and my German Germanishness *lol* better than my hostmom did. When she picked me up from the house, my hostmom tried to blame everything on me. That I'm arrogant, self-centered, I want to be the best in everything and proof it to everybody and that I'm too serious, not outgoing and just want to be around adults. Ooookay. Riiiight. I don't want to be the best in everything, everyone keeps telling me that I'm not proud enough of myself (really no clue how to say that...I hope you get what I want to say).

But that's done and over with, so I can tell you some things I did since I've been here. Well, my flight was ok, except for the fact that my suitcases did not arrive in Salisbury (MD) and I had to wait for two days to get them. The first few days felt like a dream and I kept saying "I can't believe I'm here!" *g*. Since I've been here I've already been to the Outer Banks in North Carolina, what was like a break from "the American Way of Life". I'm still not used to McDonalds, BurgerKing, Subway,... every 500 yards. And if you drive on the highway trough a town, that's all you see. There was a time when I tought that American towns only consisted of restaurants/shopping outlets and gaited communities.

Now I live in the center of Delmar, which is a little bigger than Millsboro and has about 5000 citizens. They even have their own Junior-Senior High. Maybe I'm going to transfer after the first marking period, but we don't know if the principal is going to let me, because they already have two exchangestudents and he only likes Brasilian girls like my friend Camilla, who's an exchange-student in this school. It would be perfect, because I could walk to 3 minutes! Now it takes me about 1 1/2 hours by bus and it picks me up at 6:45!

But my school is awesome. It's one of the best in the nation and we have special technical classes. Mine is Digital Puplishing and Print Design (DPPD), which is pretty much just Graphic Design. We also have Driver's Ed and I will be finished in 2 weeks, yay! I also took English 11, American History, World History, Spanish 1 and Photography. Everything is pretty good, but some teachers go pretty fast, so it's still hard for me to follow.

I already told you that I'm doing XC in the afternoon and I really enjoy it. Well, not the running itself, because it's hard, but the good feeling you get afterwards and my team. I love them to death and I just want to put them in my suitcase and take them back to Germany with me. When I tell them I never had an Oreo before (or waffles and pancakes for breakfast) they are always like "WHAT??????" and the boys are always like "Hey Anna...that's American tradition!" (stuffing trash in each others shirts, smearing candy all over their faces,...). I know why our coach said he never coached such an immature bunch of boys before in his life. He worries more about them injuring themselfes by beating the crap out of each other than tripping in a race. But they are really good and they have a really good chance of winning the State Championship this year.

Ok, that's it for now.

Bye bye!!!

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Slower Lower Delaware

Hey guys!

I finally have time to write something. Right now I'm at my Area Rep's, because she took us to Virginia today, to see a game of field hockey. It was pretty fun. My hostfamily is the best. They have two horses, Misty and Star. Three dogs, a Terrier and two Shelties: Toto, Mex and Lence. And we got a white male peacock(Pfau): Puff Daddy.

My flight was pretty good but my luggage didn't arrive in Salisbury. But they delivered it to our house the next day. I arrived there at 7:30 pm and I met my hostparents and my french hostsister at the airport, because Lea and I were in the same plane from Philadelphia to Salisbury.

My hostmom took me around the last few days. The beach is awesome!!! And yesterday I even got to see some dolphines!! The weather here is pretty much like Italy. They have a lot of pine trees and you can grow watermelons here, too! So it's pretty warm.

I've already been to school to chose my classes. I took Psychology, Biology, Media Boadcasting, Driver's Education, Media Design and Spanish. Might be some more but I don't remember right now )! My school is soooo big. But it's one out of ten of America's best Highschools!

As you can see, I really really like it here. My hostmom's favorite sentence is: You name it, they've got it!
It's so funny! And like I said, my hostparents are great. There are practically no rules, except that I have to clean my room and do the horses. But the second part is very good and no chore to me. And my hostmom has a woman that come to our house and cleans it, every week. So I don't have to do the bathroom;o)! But of course I do my own laundry!

So August 28th is my first day of school and I'm really excited. My hostsiter Lea (who's sitting beside me right now) already plays field hockey and she she told me they are very funny but also very nice.

I hope I didn't forget about something, but I have to come to an end now.
I miss you all and I hope you have a good time over there in Germany and enjoy your holidays while I'm alrady hard working and studying ;o)!

Love ya!!

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I'm so angry right now, I can't describe it. I just got my visa back. We had to send it back to Frankfurt because it wasn't correct. And now it's still the same! They didn't change anything and there was no explaination in my letter... Oh my God, what am I going to do?!

I'm angry and sad and scared at the same time. What if we don't get it in time? I'm already worried about my account we just opened up. The lady that helped us sign the contract told us that there are so many people opening accounts that it's possible that they're not going to make it in time.

And my father even wanted to wait a little longer! It was me who went in there and made a appointment, because I didn't want to wait any longer.

OK, but now I need some weekend in Munich!!

My class decided to make a weekend trip to Munich. The journey was pretty exhausting, because we travelled for more than 6 hours (by train!). I was so glad when we arrived there and I could go to my sister's to rest. But just when I stepped off the train at my sister's house, a really bad thunderstorm began. I was soaking wet within minutes although I had an umbrella with me and my shoes (Espandrillos) are still wet.

My classmates had to stay in a run down youth hostel wich was pretty disgusting and because of the storm we postphoned our little trip to the English Garden. So I had some time to relax, but then my friend Dani called and we decided to meet earlier and that I would come with her to her horse.

I menaged to drive up to Eichenau (my train didn't come because the thunderstorm was so bad and a stroke of lightning did destroy the charge!) and we had a lot of fun with "Sandor". He is so cute and to me he looked like a giant. Well...he is a giant (18 hands!)! But he's very calm (unless he has to walk when he doesn't want to anymore ) and I really did like him.

After we visited Sandor, we went to town, had dinner and walked around the city for a while. It was awesome and I was so glad to be there again after all this time. I just love the big fantaine at the Karlsplatz and the beatiful pedestrian area. At 12 pm we met my sister and we went to a bar. But I was so exhausted I fell asleep on my sisters shoulder, so we went home early.

The next morning, my sister, her roommate, her roommate's sister and I went shopping. I menaged to get myself a very good backpack for my highschool year - Yay! At 1 pm my class met at the city hall and we went to the German Museum togehther. It was OK, because they had some pretty old ships (I love old corsairs *g*). After that we went to the music streetfestival which was fun, because our teacher did buy us some beer (!). In the evening we went to this rock club at the Olympic Center. It was awesome and we had so much fun!!!

I stayed until 1am. Some of my classmates stayed until 5am and the guys went swimming in the Isar (river) *g*, so they came back at 7am.

On Sunday we only visited the "Lembach Haus" (museum of modern art), because our train left at 13:50 . I had barely time to get back to my sister's (she lives pretty much in the city center) to get my things and than to get back to the main station in time. The ride home was very funny, because we took so many pictures and I did some little films.

We came home at 8:20 pm and everyone was tired. I just wanted to go the sleep right away.

The trip was awesome and it was kind of a farewell trip for me, because I'm going away in 29 days (yay!!!) and after my return my classmates are going to be Seniors while I'm still a Junior.

OK, I calmed down a little bit and I hope it's going to be solved - cross your fingers!!!


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The perfekt day

Hi folks!

Did you see Germany playing (Soccer World Cup) this Friday? I didn't. Friday was just horrible. Just because of my foot. I got a verrunca on my left foot and it was removed (frosted with dry ice) last Tuesday and the nurse did something wrong. My foot was swollen and I had a horrible black (bloody) bleb there.

I did go to school altough I had to use crutches and it didn't go that well. I banged my foot once or twice and it did hurt like hell. My father drove me to school but I had to go home by bus. It was the worst thing ever. I had to change lines two times and I banged my foot at least twice with my own crutches and there were so many people I had to stand and someone stepped on my foot - ouch! When I walked the short distance from the bus station to our house I thought I was going to die. I had to stop every few seconds because my foot was killing me. When I was finally there I was exhausted and it was hurting so much I actually cried.

It didn't get better in the afternoon, only worse. So my mother and I took a cab to the hospital (because our car was under repair) just as the game begun. The streets were dead, really! Nobody was driving around and I didn't see any person on the sidewalk. As if the city was completely unoccupied. Our cab driver was pretty funny and he helped me out of the car. I must have looked horrible with red, swollen eyes, dry tears on my cheeks and smeared make-up.

In the waiting area there were some people also waiting to see a doctor. There was a man who crushed his foot in between his truck and a post. He was actually funny (I think he was ~20 years old) and I lend him one of my crutches so he didn't have to hop around on one leg. Then there were two cyclists, a couple, and he had been in a pretty bad accident because he drove to fast down the hill. We had fun togehter in the waiting room because every time a doctor passed by, my mother asked: "What's the score?"

I felt bad for her because she missed the game and she had been looking forward to it all week. And after someone told us Germany 0:1 Argentina, my mother was terrified. When we heard about the 1:1 and that there would be penalty shoot-out, we cheered. But then it was our turn to see the doctor. I was so afraid of getting hurt again. But he tried not to hurt me too much when he swapped and then dressed it. And he (the doctor) just looked like Ballack (you know, the German Soccer Team Captain?) - very strange.

After he was done my mother called a cab again and just as we got in it it, the radio-moderator said: "And that's Germany's fourth penalty shot-out...That's it! GERMANY MADE IT INTO THE SEMIFINAL!" I thought I was dreaming, I couldn't believe it. We beat Argentina?!

But it was true. On our way home there were so many people celebrating in the streets. Drinving around the streets blowing their horn, waving banners, clapping, whistling and smiling. It's true that Germans don't have much of a national pride and we're no patriotes, but last Friday was different, because we WERE actually proud!

So this horrible day had a happy ending and it's a story to remember!


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Visa Interview


"Icelandic Horses": There are some big updates and I am actually proud of me that I finally menaged to do the "Icelandic Horses" - section! It was some hard work...

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~'s been nearly a week ago that my parents and I drove upt to Frankfurt am Main to "The Consulate of The United States of America". I had to do an interview because of the visa. I was totally stressed out... We had to get so many different forms (DS-156, DS-158, DS-2019) and they were somehow all the same. I had to pay two different fees and my parents and I had to write three statements (one that my parents were okay with me getting a visa, one that they are able to support me (financially) and one saying that I'm going to go back to Germany at the end of the program). But they didn't look at any of least I had them with me!

But I kind of felt like an dangerous criminal...there was so many security and I swear I've seen guys with guns. First I had to get a tickets (I had T169 *g*) and then I had to go through security. There I met a nice girl from another organisation that was also getting her visa. We went trough security together and she even had to hand over her belt (luckily for me I had decided against wearing one this morning). The security looked like the one at aiports.

Then we had to walk trough a short Garden...but I didn't feel comfortable I felt like beeing watched (Well, I was!). I always looked back. And I was relieved when entering the main hall. There was a nice woman that told us to take a seat in the waiting hall until our number was called. There we met two other girls that were also very nice.

When our numbers were called we walked over to the counter and handed over our things (we had to carry them arround in plastic foils that were see-trough). The woman took everything and it went pretty fast. We had to take our seat again until we were called to the next counter where they took our finger prints and asked some questions (Are you going to go to highschool? Do you know where you are going, yet? Who pays for you? What do your parents do for a living?...)

It took only 45 minutes. I heard from others that they spent 4 ours in there

Now I think that it was no big deal. I mean I live, right? But it's still something I wouldn't want to do every day. The security gave me shivers down my spine.



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