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Hey everybody!

I'm sooooo happy you can't even imagine. Yesterday I checked the missed calls on our house phone. I nearly fainted (don't take me serious *lol*) when I saw an all to familiar number, the number I've been waiting for for weeks now! It was my organisation that tried to call me but it was already after 6pm so there wasn't anyone at the office anymore.

I had to wait until today to call back. First I had to make some calls (I had to make two doctor appointments and to get some information from the American consulate because of my interview next Monday) so I saved this call until I was done. Because I knew if it was what I tought it was (ok, you see, I'm still kinda confused and don't make sense) that I wouldn't be able to do anything else. My mother told me: "You don't know if they really found you a family yet. Berhaps it's because of the eMail you wrote and they want to know something else! So don't halloo till you're out of the wood!"

But I was right. When I called back they told me: "We have found you a family!" I always thought about this moment, what I was going to say...I thought about "OH MY GOD!!" or "REALLY? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!" But all I said was: "Oh...okay." Stupid me.

Simon (TASTE member) then gave me some brief information about my family. My family itselfs (parents and siblings), their hobbies and of course, where they live! From what I already know my family is more then I could have hoped for! All my secret wishes (loving horses and traveling (active family), doubleplacement) came true! I'm getting a french hostsis. I can't wait!

And they're living in Delaware. When Simon told me this I was like: "Uh, huh?!" I never heard of it before and Simon confessed he didn't, too until this moment. It's a small state at the east coast near Phiadelphia (~90 miles) and Washington D.C, Baltimore and NEW YORK aren't that far away, either! My sister Kirsti flipped when I told her. She said the region is really nice. And Millsboro (That's where I'm going) isn't far away from the ocean, it's basically right AT the ocean (river mouth). It's a small town with about 2.000 habitants. Just like Hochdorf, where I live.

You see I already did some research...because I'm just too curious

I'd love to call my family right away tomorrow but I can't because of my doctors appointment. And I can't cancel it because it would be the third time I'm doing it and they can't get me a new appointment within the next two weeks. I want to get it over with so the call has to wait until Friday. I don't know if I can wait that long *lol*. I don't even know if I'm going to sleep tonight...I'm so happy I could...I don't know...kiss every stranger that walks by (Ok, horrible image. Of course I'm not doing that!!)

I nearly got a second heart attack this day when I got another phone call from TASTE. But it was "only" Julia asking if I was ok with the doubleplacement. Of course I was!!! Who wouldn't, really? I can't wait to call my hostparents...I want to know so many things!! Do they have horses? Where exactly are they living (right by the water?)? When does school start there? WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO FLY OVER? Am I going to be able to drive to school by bike? What are they like? Did they have exchange student before? From where? Why did they decide to host. Why us (my french hostsis and me)?... too many questions to ask.

And I'm also going to call my AR (Area Rapresentative) or I'm sending a postcard. Nah, I'm doing both!

Ok, I think that's enough for now...I'm a horrible person annoying you with all of this...sorry!


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"Scandinavia": my GERMAN diary of Sweden/Norway/Danmark 2005!


Hey ho!

Now you're probably thinking: does this girl even go to school because of her huge amount of holidays? The answer: I am *lol*. But I'm enjoying these holidays as long as I can because I don't have any holidays this summer. School is probably starting in mid-August and holidays back in Germany are starting on August 3th. So I have to got to school way longer than others.

Ok, enough with my rambling about school because nobody wants to hear it, right? Right now I'm pretty excited because of my visa interview on June 12th. I've never been to a consulate before. I know they are not gonna kill me (but who knows?) but...yeah I'm still kind of worried what's going to happen.

Brúnka is doing very well right now. You can practically watch her gaining weight. It happens so fast because she eats so much *lol*. And I'm so glad my friend Melly is finally here, too. Now we can go an trail rides just how we used to before we moved (well, Brúnka did!). But still...I miss Nadine. Inga (her horse) moved last Saturday and I'm still not used to not have her here. When I'm think of driving over I always think: why don't I ask Nadine to come with me? But then I remeber. It takes time, I guess.

Yeah...that's it for now, I think. I'm not in a good mood because there's so much going on in my mind right now. Even planning something for my stay abroad doesn't distract me at all. But it will get better.

Bye then,

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-"Brúnka": some (old) new pictures!

-"My Pets": Mause's, Kasper's and Dorina's bios and some more pictures!


I'm glad that this week is over. I've been studying Physics since last Friday because of the test yesterday. I was so afraid because I didn't understand anyting in class. But now I see that these things are just SO easy! Well, our teacher isn't good at teaching at all. He's funny (sometimes) but he just wants to get trough his stuff and that's it. "You don't get it? Tough luck!"

We have Physics only twice a week and my Maths teacher (who teaches Physics as well) told me that you do only a little bit of calculating and more theoretical stuff. But calculating is all we do! Even some of my classmates that have Physics as a main subject, don't know how to do some of my teacher's exercices! It's ridiculous!


Maus, our second cat and new family member, has been exploring the house the past few weeks and now she has enough courage to explore the garden! Wow! But when a car passed by she ran back into the house. I mean, it could have killed her, couldn't it??
But it's so cute to watch her. I did a little foto shooting of her while she was lolling on our garden bench (watch some of the Photos in "My Pets"). And she stayed outside for more then 3 hours! Respect!

Yesterday I rode on Brúnka for the first time in two weeks and it was so funny because I was so used to riding Inga that it felt kind of weird. But I enjoyed it so much because she did everything I told her. She is just perfect. But sadly she lost a lot of weight. She's already thinner then 2 weeks ago and hopefully she will be out on the gras within 10 days. I hope so!


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preperation workshop Hannover

Hey guys!!

I'm still so excited! The weekend was just amazing!! I couldn't stop smiling all the way home (4 hours!) and the old lady sitting next to me on the train asked me why I was smiling all the time.

Ok, on to the start. I took the train to Hannover at 1.50 pm on Friday. I arrived there late (~30 minutes) because of some complications somewhere between Mannheim and Frankfurt (our train didn't have any problems but there was one on the rail somewhere). And I didn't reach Janina and her parents (that's where I was supposed to stay that night) but her father was waiting for me at the station so we got to thier house soon enough. That evening was pretty fun because Janina and her family are just great and we got along pretty well.

The next day Janina's father drove us to the Youth hostel where the workshop took place this weekend. We climbed up the stairs to the meeting room where Nici, Hella and the Retournees welcomed us. But there were some Americans as well! Sherry, Jackie, Zuzi, Brenda and Tamie. They were GLI representatives, the organisation that's going to advise me in the US.

They talked to all of us and when it was my turn to talk to Tamie she became very excited and she said:
"Oh my God! You look like Laura, the student I had at my home last year! You could be her sister! Brenda, come over here! Look, doesn't she look like Laura?"

Brenda: "Yes, she does! But Laura had dreadlocks!"

Since then they called me Laura whenever they saw me. It was fun. They were so sweet and cute and I just wanted to take them home. But sadly I couldn't. So I talked to them a lot.

Most of the time we had a lot to do. First, Nici talked to us about Taste itself and about the exchange. What we can do and what we can not do in the USA. There were a lot of funny stories and we were laughing most of the time.

They also told us about the Americain mentality. They are more friendly and they always smile. Most of the Germans just want to get through their day without much talking or any stress. I was surprised when I entered the Youth hostel and saw some people (obviously Taste students) and they looked like I had just slapped them right across their faces when I said "Hi!!".

I just wanted to be friendly and I was in a good mood! I also didn't like the situation when Janina and I walked into the meeting room (I was in my Taste sweatshirt wich my parents already got me on their workshop last Wednesday) and one girl whispered to her friend: "Oh my God, look at this sweatshirt! How embarrassing!" By the end of the workshop all sweatshirts were sold out! So everyone bought one of these! But I don't care. I like the sweatshirt, it's sooo comfy!!

After the introduction we were divided into little groups of about 15 people, one Retournee (Jojo) and a Taste member (Tommy). They gave us lots of information and it was also a lot of fun because they were great and I was never even close to being bored!

Then there were the "GLI girls" that wanted to talk to us. They explained their work and we had time to ask a lot of questions and of course - to talk to them!! (As you can see, I just loved these guys!!) Then they did some shooting (2 litte films of each student) for the host families. They complimented me on my English!!!

But other then learning more about our exchange I mad lots of just amazing people! Almost everyone of them was so nice (there were some people I just didn't have anything in common with. But that happens). I stayed in a room with three other girls and they were so nice. There were people from all over the country! It was just amazing!

The next morning we had to take the SLEP test. When we heard about it for the first time, we thought "Slap test?? What does that mean?? How many times can we slap her across the face until she cries?" But it was only an English test for our future highschools. I think I did ok but because of the open windows I got hay fever half through it. I wasn't that bad becaue I have hay fever only slightly (I sneeze three or four times and I have to blow my nose but that's it).

We stayed in our little groups for the rest of the day and soon enough it was time to go. But I didn't want to! It was just so great that I didn't want to go and I even had to leave early to get my train and I forgot to say Bye to Brenda

I hope she isn't mad because I liked her a lot.

But I did say Goodbye to Sherry and she told me that "her girls like me a lot". When I walked out of the room I met Tamie and Jackie so I had time to say Goodbye to them as well. Tamie told me: "I hope we gonna see you in Oklahoma!" ('cause this is where she, Brenda and Zuzi are from) and Jackie said: "No, Kansas!!" ('cause that's where she's from). It was so funny!

We had to hurry to get to the main station and I arrived only 3 minutes before my train had to leave. There I met 2 other "Tasties" I didn't talk to all weekend. They were also so nice (one actually thought that I was an Retournee ) and we had a great time together although the train was packed. I was so glad I got some reservations so I didn't have to sit on the floor.

I got home around 11pm and I was just tired but I still couldn't sleep until 12pm because I was so excited.

Many people said that now they are pretty doubtful about their AYP but I'm not. I'm more confident then ever! I'm just glad to be a "Tastie" and also an GLI student because these two are the best organisations ever and I just can't wait to get over there.

USA, here we come!!!


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Holidays are over

Yeah, sadly it's over. But I enjoyed it.

There wasn't any test last week so I din't have to study and it wasn't too hard to be back at school. I actually didn't have anything to do after I finished my homework. That felt kind of weird becaue I had always something to do for my AF and now I have nothing. But I got used to it pretty quickly

Today I had to study (Maths) and it went pretty good, actually. Maths isn't one of my favorite subjects and I'm not that good at it but it's ok at the moment. Hopefully the test next Thursday goes just as smooth.

During last week I had to look after a friend's horse and it was pretty fun, because Inga (that's the horse's name) is just so different from what I'm used to. But I still like my Brúnka best (of course!).

Right now I'm so excited becaue I still didn't get a call from my organisation (I doubt that it's going to be that soon but I'm dying to know where I'm going to go *lol*). But they sent me a letter because of the new rules (they sent me the CHI rules but I'm advised by GLI ), they got mixed up, I think. I was about to flip when I saw the envelope *lol*.

Hopefully I doesn't take them that long but right now I'm focusing on the next weekend (VBS Hannover *woo hooo*)

Ok then,


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It's a start

Hey there!

My first real entry! I'm soooo excited - sorry for any errors!

Just sended my application to my organisation (sorry, didn't want that one to rhyme) - I'm so excited!! And my parents must be very glad. My father said that he doesn't want to hear this word "application" anymore. I have to say "AF" now, so he doesn't get mad.

Well, he doesn't really get mad, get the idea. He declared it the faux-pas word of 2006. That's all you need to know.

You are probably wondering why I decided to do a year abroad in my 11th class. Yeah, I know that most students spend their 11th class in The USA and I'm going to spend my 12th. But does that really matter?

Ok I'm going to try and explain...there are a lot of changes in my family right now - but only good ones for that matter! My oldest sister is planning to study again. She wants to work as a teacher. And I know she can do it! My other sister is just finishing her studies in Munich. She was very succesfull and has great plans and a promising future ahead of her - who knows where she's going to end up? China, Australia, USA? We'll see.

And than there was me. I think this just infected me. Last year I planned to go to Britain or something. But then I got scared. I just wanted to do 5 months so I wouldn't have had to repeat class. But I was scared of not being good enough in school anymore after my return. So I chose not to go.

I'm older now. I don't know if I'm any wiser but I changed a lot over the last year. I'm not the same person I used to be a year ago. Because I lived alone with my sister for almost 10 months. Let's say I learned a bit about life *lol*. I got more independant and I enjoyed it! I think I have a lot more courage than last year.

Last year I just had to focus on me. I had a few problems - not physically but psychically. It's not like I did something to myself (I would never do that!!) but I just wasn't happy. I cried more often and just felt bad. I coulnd't explain it. Berhaps it was because of my parents and school (I didn't have problems but I just didn't feel comfortable) and I thought that my horse was about to die and I lost a very good friend because of a misunderstanding.

But that was more than a year ago. My horse is doing well, I'm getting along with my parents, feel pretty comfy in class and my friend and I are friends again. Life just feels good *lol*. And I'm just more relaxed and don't take things too serious (I'm still serious but sometimes it was just too much!). in the past I tought "Oh my God, what am I gonna do??" now I think "What the H***? I'm going to get trough this!"

So I decided that this year was just what I wanted. I didn't want to stay in Europe because that's where I live. I wanted to get away - far away. A friend of mine is in Italy right now. I like Italy because I visited it nearly every summer for at least 14 years. And that's why I would never go there for my AYP. I know that it's different to stay in a family for 11 months than to go there on holidays, get what I want to say, don't you?

I had to chose between South Africa and the USA. I think I chose the USA because I just found it al little more appealing. Because of all these different regions and because of the immigration there are so many different cultures mixed together.

I just can't wait to get there. I kills me not to know what's ahead of me. But that's what I want and I fought hard for it! Well, I didn't really fight. At leat not literally. But I had just this short amount of time to apply. I had a few months time to apply and other students had more than a whole year! But I managed it. It feels like I managed a huge step in my life and I'm proud of it. Feels like growing up *g*.

And just yesterday I found my "Leitfaden '08" - my guide for the A-level. It's weird if I think of January I was worrying about the classes I wanted to take and only a few weeks later I was applying for a year abroad.

But so far I don't regret my decision. My sister's friend said that his little sister applyed for a year abroad, too, a few years ago. But she canceled it when she was about to fly. She just couldn't board the plane.

I don't think that's going to happen to me, but who knows?? Nah, don't think so. Like I said - I gained a lot more courage over the last few months. Even a good friend of mine said I changed a lot.

So I'm confident that's going to be really great.

Okay, that's it for now!

P.S: If somebody finds any errors, he can keep them *lol*! I'm not perfect and my English is everything but that!

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