My Highschool Year in the US


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What I'm wrinting about? It isn't obvious, is it? *lol* Sorry, I couldn't help myself - no offence!

This is my diary - well kind of - while I'm in the USA or just my diary in general. I originally created it so I could tell my friends at home what I'm up to without sending mails. I'm only allowed to stay in touch like twice a month.

But then I thought that it could be helpful for my host family to get to know me if I have a homepage. So they could learn some facts about me which aren't in the application.

So hopefully you like this page and sorry to disappoint you - I'm not going to write in German! I doubt that my host family in USA speaks German fluently so you have to bear it *g*.

And I highly doubt that there is someone out there who doesn't speak any English. So there isn't going to be a problem - right?

Ok then, enjoy!


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