My Highschool Year in the US


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Hey there! Since the other source isn't working I'm copying the pics on this page (well, trying to) and I hope you'll be able to see it this time. Might take me a couple of days to do that, but oh well! Ok, let's go

NY Timesquare and me in April 2007

Me in Savannah in Front of "my" school (SCAD)

AP Art History rocks Washington D.C in March 2007

Silver and me sometime in February 2007

Gulf of Mexico at Siesta Key (Seresota), FLORIDA in February 2007

GLI exchange students at SixFlags amusementpark in D.C, October 2007
If anybody wants to know, the girl next to me is Camila, the girl next to her is Lea (my hostsister) and the guy standing at the left corner is Till from Augsburg (goes to my school also)

Orange Trees in FLORIDA (in Avon Park) in February 2007

Me and the NY Skyline (on the ferry to the statue) in April 2007

At the Wilmington Theatre (Hairspray) with my Art teacher (funny foto of her), next to me (left) is Nikki from Cali and on the far right is Erin

Me playing comment *lol*

my lucky soccer number )

Ok, I hope that works...I'll try to get more up but the other ones are the old ones you were able to see.


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