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Holidays are over

Yeah, sadly it's over. But I enjoyed it.

There wasn't any test last week so I din't have to study and it wasn't too hard to be back at school. I actually didn't have anything to do after I finished my homework. That felt kind of weird becaue I had always something to do for my AF and now I have nothing. But I got used to it pretty quickly

Today I had to study (Maths) and it went pretty good, actually. Maths isn't one of my favorite subjects and I'm not that good at it but it's ok at the moment. Hopefully the test next Thursday goes just as smooth.

During last week I had to look after a friend's horse and it was pretty fun, because Inga (that's the horse's name) is just so different from what I'm used to. But I still like my Brúnka best (of course!).

Right now I'm so excited becaue I still didn't get a call from my organisation (I doubt that it's going to be that soon but I'm dying to know where I'm going to go *lol*). But they sent me a letter because of the new rules (they sent me the CHI rules but I'm advised by GLI ), they got mixed up, I think. I was about to flip when I saw the envelope *lol*.

Hopefully I doesn't take them that long but right now I'm focusing on the next weekend (VBS Hannover *woo hooo*)

Ok then,


30.4.06 22:56

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