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-"Brúnka": some (old) new pictures!

-"My Pets": Mause's, Kasper's and Dorina's bios and some more pictures!


I'm glad that this week is over. I've been studying Physics since last Friday because of the test yesterday. I was so afraid because I didn't understand anyting in class. But now I see that these things are just SO easy! Well, our teacher isn't good at teaching at all. He's funny (sometimes) but he just wants to get trough his stuff and that's it. "You don't get it? Tough luck!"

We have Physics only twice a week and my Maths teacher (who teaches Physics as well) told me that you do only a little bit of calculating and more theoretical stuff. But calculating is all we do! Even some of my classmates that have Physics as a main subject, don't know how to do some of my teacher's exercices! It's ridiculous!


Maus, our second cat and new family member, has been exploring the house the past few weeks and now she has enough courage to explore the garden! Wow! But when a car passed by she ran back into the house. I mean, it could have killed her, couldn't it??
But it's so cute to watch her. I did a little foto shooting of her while she was lolling on our garden bench (watch some of the Photos in "My Pets"). And she stayed outside for more then 3 hours! Respect!

Yesterday I rode on Brúnka for the first time in two weeks and it was so funny because I was so used to riding Inga that it felt kind of weird. But I enjoyed it so much because she did everything I told her. She is just perfect. But sadly she lost a lot of weight. She's already thinner then 2 weeks ago and hopefully she will be out on the gras within 10 days. I hope so!


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