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Hey ho!

Now you're probably thinking: does this girl even go to school because of her huge amount of holidays? The answer: I am *lol*. But I'm enjoying these holidays as long as I can because I don't have any holidays this summer. School is probably starting in mid-August and holidays back in Germany are starting on August 3th. So I have to got to school way longer than others.

Ok, enough with my rambling about school because nobody wants to hear it, right? Right now I'm pretty excited because of my visa interview on June 12th. I've never been to a consulate before. I know they are not gonna kill me (but who knows?) but...yeah I'm still kind of worried what's going to happen.

Brúnka is doing very well right now. You can practically watch her gaining weight. It happens so fast because she eats so much *lol*. And I'm so glad my friend Melly is finally here, too. Now we can go an trail rides just how we used to before we moved (well, Brúnka did!). But still...I miss Nadine. Inga (her horse) moved last Saturday and I'm still not used to not have her here. When I'm think of driving over I always think: why don't I ask Nadine to come with me? But then I remeber. It takes time, I guess.

Yeah...that's it for now, I think. I'm not in a good mood because there's so much going on in my mind right now. Even planning something for my stay abroad doesn't distract me at all. But it will get better.

Bye then,

2.6.06 17:43

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