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Hey everybody!

I'm sooooo happy you can't even imagine. Yesterday I checked the missed calls on our house phone. I nearly fainted (don't take me serious *lol*) when I saw an all to familiar number, the number I've been waiting for for weeks now! It was my organisation that tried to call me but it was already after 6pm so there wasn't anyone at the office anymore.

I had to wait until today to call back. First I had to make some calls (I had to make two doctor appointments and to get some information from the American consulate because of my interview next Monday) so I saved this call until I was done. Because I knew if it was what I tought it was (ok, you see, I'm still kinda confused and don't make sense) that I wouldn't be able to do anything else. My mother told me: "You don't know if they really found you a family yet. Berhaps it's because of the eMail you wrote and they want to know something else! So don't halloo till you're out of the wood!"

But I was right. When I called back they told me: "We have found you a family!" I always thought about this moment, what I was going to say...I thought about "OH MY GOD!!" or "REALLY? I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!" But all I said was: "Oh...okay." Stupid me.

Simon (TASTE member) then gave me some brief information about my family. My family itselfs (parents and siblings), their hobbies and of course, where they live! From what I already know my family is more then I could have hoped for! All my secret wishes (loving horses and traveling (active family), doubleplacement) came true! I'm getting a french hostsis. I can't wait!

And they're living in Delaware. When Simon told me this I was like: "Uh, huh?!" I never heard of it before and Simon confessed he didn't, too until this moment. It's a small state at the east coast near Phiadelphia (~90 miles) and Washington D.C, Baltimore and NEW YORK aren't that far away, either! My sister Kirsti flipped when I told her. She said the region is really nice. And Millsboro (That's where I'm going) isn't far away from the ocean, it's basically right AT the ocean (river mouth). It's a small town with about 2.000 habitants. Just like Hochdorf, where I live.

You see I already did some research...because I'm just too curious

I'd love to call my family right away tomorrow but I can't because of my doctors appointment. And I can't cancel it because it would be the third time I'm doing it and they can't get me a new appointment within the next two weeks. I want to get it over with so the call has to wait until Friday. I don't know if I can wait that long *lol*. I don't even know if I'm going to sleep tonight...I'm so happy I could...I don't know...kiss every stranger that walks by (Ok, horrible image. Of course I'm not doing that!!)

I nearly got a second heart attack this day when I got another phone call from TASTE. But it was "only" Julia asking if I was ok with the doubleplacement. Of course I was!!! Who wouldn't, really? I can't wait to call my hostparents...I want to know so many things!! Do they have horses? Where exactly are they living (right by the water?)? When does school start there? WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO FLY OVER? Am I going to be able to drive to school by bike? What are they like? Did they have exchange student before? From where? Why did they decide to host. Why us (my french hostsis and me)?... too many questions to ask.

And I'm also going to call my AR (Area Rapresentative) or I'm sending a postcard. Nah, I'm doing both!

Ok, I think that's enough for now...I'm a horrible person annoying you with all of this...sorry!


7.6.06 19:02

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