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Hey guys!

I'm just starting my own blog - like a diary - so you can still read what I'm up to in the USA next year. And I don't have to send 1000 emails (You know I'm a lazy person concerning emails!)

But I also and most importantly started it for my host family (hey there! ) to get more information and pictures about me, my family and stuff.

There is still lots of work for me to do until it's finished (don't think it'll ever be) but at least it's something.

Ok, now it's up to you to look trough everyting (perhaps you want to leave a message? Just chose "Gästebuch" and there you go) If you want to get an email about any news (telling you about a new post or any development on this side), just chose "Abonnieren" and fill in your email-adress.

Enjoy this side!
See you soon!


EDIT: The Guestbook isn't working!!! If you want to leave a note please chose "Kontakt" and write me a short email and I can post your entry in here or you could comment ("Kommentieren", right under the entries) my posts...

9.6.06 17:51

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