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The perfekt day

Hi folks!

Did you see Germany playing (Soccer World Cup) this Friday? I didn't. Friday was just horrible. Just because of my foot. I got a verrunca on my left foot and it was removed (frosted with dry ice) last Tuesday and the nurse did something wrong. My foot was swollen and I had a horrible black (bloody) bleb there.

I did go to school altough I had to use crutches and it didn't go that well. I banged my foot once or twice and it did hurt like hell. My father drove me to school but I had to go home by bus. It was the worst thing ever. I had to change lines two times and I banged my foot at least twice with my own crutches and there were so many people I had to stand and someone stepped on my foot - ouch! When I walked the short distance from the bus station to our house I thought I was going to die. I had to stop every few seconds because my foot was killing me. When I was finally there I was exhausted and it was hurting so much I actually cried.

It didn't get better in the afternoon, only worse. So my mother and I took a cab to the hospital (because our car was under repair) just as the game begun. The streets were dead, really! Nobody was driving around and I didn't see any person on the sidewalk. As if the city was completely unoccupied. Our cab driver was pretty funny and he helped me out of the car. I must have looked horrible with red, swollen eyes, dry tears on my cheeks and smeared make-up.

In the waiting area there were some people also waiting to see a doctor. There was a man who crushed his foot in between his truck and a post. He was actually funny (I think he was ~20 years old) and I lend him one of my crutches so he didn't have to hop around on one leg. Then there were two cyclists, a couple, and he had been in a pretty bad accident because he drove to fast down the hill. We had fun togehter in the waiting room because every time a doctor passed by, my mother asked: "What's the score?"

I felt bad for her because she missed the game and she had been looking forward to it all week. And after someone told us Germany 0:1 Argentina, my mother was terrified. When we heard about the 1:1 and that there would be penalty shoot-out, we cheered. But then it was our turn to see the doctor. I was so afraid of getting hurt again. But he tried not to hurt me too much when he swapped and then dressed it. And he (the doctor) just looked like Ballack (you know, the German Soccer Team Captain?) - very strange.

After he was done my mother called a cab again and just as we got in it it, the radio-moderator said: "And that's Germany's fourth penalty shot-out...That's it! GERMANY MADE IT INTO THE SEMIFINAL!" I thought I was dreaming, I couldn't believe it. We beat Argentina?!

But it was true. On our way home there were so many people celebrating in the streets. Drinving around the streets blowing their horn, waving banners, clapping, whistling and smiling. It's true that Germans don't have much of a national pride and we're no patriotes, but last Friday was different, because we WERE actually proud!

So this horrible day had a happy ending and it's a story to remember!


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