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I'm so angry right now, I can't describe it. I just got my visa back. We had to send it back to Frankfurt because it wasn't correct. And now it's still the same! They didn't change anything and there was no explaination in my letter... Oh my God, what am I going to do?!

I'm angry and sad and scared at the same time. What if we don't get it in time? I'm already worried about my account we just opened up. The lady that helped us sign the contract told us that there are so many people opening accounts that it's possible that they're not going to make it in time.

And my father even wanted to wait a little longer! It was me who went in there and made a appointment, because I didn't want to wait any longer.

OK, but now I need some weekend in Munich!!

My class decided to make a weekend trip to Munich. The journey was pretty exhausting, because we travelled for more than 6 hours (by train!). I was so glad when we arrived there and I could go to my sister's to rest. But just when I stepped off the train at my sister's house, a really bad thunderstorm began. I was soaking wet within minutes although I had an umbrella with me and my shoes (Espandrillos) are still wet.

My classmates had to stay in a run down youth hostel wich was pretty disgusting and because of the storm we postphoned our little trip to the English Garden. So I had some time to relax, but then my friend Dani called and we decided to meet earlier and that I would come with her to her horse.

I menaged to drive up to Eichenau (my train didn't come because the thunderstorm was so bad and a stroke of lightning did destroy the charge!) and we had a lot of fun with "Sandor". He is so cute and to me he looked like a giant. Well...he is a giant (18 hands!)! But he's very calm (unless he has to walk when he doesn't want to anymore ) and I really did like him.

After we visited Sandor, we went to town, had dinner and walked around the city for a while. It was awesome and I was so glad to be there again after all this time. I just love the big fantaine at the Karlsplatz and the beatiful pedestrian area. At 12 pm we met my sister and we went to a bar. But I was so exhausted I fell asleep on my sisters shoulder, so we went home early.

The next morning, my sister, her roommate, her roommate's sister and I went shopping. I menaged to get myself a very good backpack for my highschool year - Yay! At 1 pm my class met at the city hall and we went to the German Museum togehther. It was OK, because they had some pretty old ships (I love old corsairs *g*). After that we went to the music streetfestival which was fun, because our teacher did buy us some beer (!). In the evening we went to this rock club at the Olympic Center. It was awesome and we had so much fun!!!

I stayed until 1am. Some of my classmates stayed until 5am and the guys went swimming in the Isar (river) *g*, so they came back at 7am.

On Sunday we only visited the "Lembach Haus" (museum of modern art), because our train left at 13:50 . I had barely time to get back to my sister's (she lives pretty much in the city center) to get my things and than to get back to the main station in time. The ride home was very funny, because we took so many pictures and I did some little films.

We came home at 8:20 pm and everyone was tired. I just wanted to go the sleep right away.

The trip was awesome and it was kind of a farewell trip for me, because I'm going away in 29 days (yay!!!) and after my return my classmates are going to be Seniors while I'm still a Junior.

OK, I calmed down a little bit and I hope it's going to be solved - cross your fingers!!!


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