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Hey guys!

I finally have time to write something. Right now I'm at my Area Rep's, because she took us to Virginia today, to see a game of field hockey. It was pretty fun. My hostfamily is the best. They have two horses, Misty and Star. Three dogs, a Terrier and two Shelties: Toto, Mex and Lence. And we got a white male peacock(Pfau): Puff Daddy.

My flight was pretty good but my luggage didn't arrive in Salisbury. But they delivered it to our house the next day. I arrived there at 7:30 pm and I met my hostparents and my french hostsister at the airport, because Lea and I were in the same plane from Philadelphia to Salisbury.

My hostmom took me around the last few days. The beach is awesome!!! And yesterday I even got to see some dolphines!! The weather here is pretty much like Italy. They have a lot of pine trees and you can grow watermelons here, too! So it's pretty warm.

I've already been to school to chose my classes. I took Psychology, Biology, Media Boadcasting, Driver's Education, Media Design and Spanish. Might be some more but I don't remember right now )! My school is soooo big. But it's one out of ten of America's best Highschools!

As you can see, I really really like it here. My hostmom's favorite sentence is: You name it, they've got it!
It's so funny! And like I said, my hostparents are great. There are practically no rules, except that I have to clean my room and do the horses. But the second part is very good and no chore to me. And my hostmom has a woman that come to our house and cleans it, every week. So I don't have to do the bathroom;o)! But of course I do my own laundry!

So August 28th is my first day of school and I'm really excited. My hostsiter Lea (who's sitting beside me right now) already plays field hockey and she she told me they are very funny but also very nice.

I hope I didn't forget about something, but I have to come to an end now.
I miss you all and I hope you have a good time over there in Germany and enjoy your holidays while I'm alrady hard working and studying ;o)!

Love ya!!

21.8.06 04:11

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