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My hometown is a town in the Black Forest. It's no big city (it has about 200.000 habitants) like Berlin or Munich but I like it here.

It is very old, founded 1120 by "Bertold von Zähringen". We have lots of old, historic buildings and the city center is also a relict of the Middle Ages. Altough more than 80% of the town was destroied in the Second World War, you can still see it. We have 2 old city gates. It used to be 5 but they were destoied.

If I have some time left over, I like to go on a guided tour. But it's not just some sightseeing...they are called "historix tours". They tell stories (sometimes you don't know if they are true or not) about persons who used to live in Freiburg through the Middle Ages. My mother and I went on a tour just a few months ago. It was about an innocent woman that was killed because they thought that she had been a witch.

We went so see her house and we heard stories about all these other poor women who were also killed because of this. In the city center there is a gab between two houses. That's were one of these poor women lived before they killed her. But they never build up a new house there. It's kinda creepy if you aks me but it's also so exciting! (As you can see: I like history!!)

Other than that our city is very environment-friendly. We have lots of trees and parks. Even in the poorer areas. It's green everywhere. And he have a solar-powered housing estate (it's called "Vauban"). It's also very easy to drive by bike because there are even streets only allowed for bikes.

I also like the clima round here because it's declared the warmest area of Germany. We don't have that much tourists here (I don't know how much) because most of them visit the Black Forest. But Freiburg is part of it and we often went up there when I was younger.

Another really important part of the city is our cathedral. It's the town's landmark. It was the only thing that hasn't been destroied in the II. World War and it took more than 300 years to build it up. It has so many styles mixed togehter because there were so many different builders. It has Gothic but also some Romanic elements.

And I like that it's not that far away from France (about 30 miles?). We make trips there on weekends. It's always fun

Here are some pictures:

The location

One of the old city gates and the cathedrale

Freiburg (Black Forest)

Also very important: The "Freiburger Bächle" all over the city center.