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(Norway 2005)

Name: Diana da Sylva
Nicknames: Diddi, Diani, Hundi
* June 21th 2000
Age: 6
Breed: Italian hound (mix)
Height: ~ 50cm
Afraid of: water, strangers, other dogs, horses (esp. Brúnka), Luga & Maus

I saw her for the first time when she was about 4 weeks old. She was the smallest and youngest of 9 little puppies. Her mother belonged to a pizzaria and so she was used to drive by car (her former owner drove really fast). Now she's grown up and kind of difficult sometimes. She doesn't trust erveryone from the takes at least 30 minutes until she warms up to strangers. And she doesn't like other dogs either which is a problem if we take a walk and meet some other dogs she doesn't know. But it's getting better since she's accompanying me with Brúnka. I really like to ride outside with the two of them. They do, too and we're a great team!


Name: Luga (Tabaluga)
Nicknames: Käthi, Käterle, Baby(-le), Maunzer(-le)
* Juanuary 1992
Age: 14
Breed: unknown (Mix)
Afraid of: Diana, busses, trucks, rustling plastic bags

He is my favorite little guy. I love him a lot and he does like my too, I know that. He even got so depressed when I lived with my sister and only came home at weekends that he begann to pull out his hair. I can't even remember not having him in my life. I was 4 when we got him. My rabbit had just passed away (he had been killed by my grandma's dog (Rottweiler...I don't like these dogs!!)) and my sisters decided to get a little cat from the animal shelter. Now we're both growing old (well he is...) and I'm kind of worried about him because he changed a lot these last few months I haven't been here. He only has one canine tooth left and sleeps most of the day. He's an old cat but I love him so much. He's my favorite cat ever )


Name: Maus (Mouse)
Nicknames: Mini, Mausi(-Maus), Minimi
*Summer 1997
Age: 9
Breed: unknown
Afraid of: pretty much everything and everyone

Maus (I know it's weird to call a cat "Mouse" but she's just so tiny!) is actually my sister's cat but since I've been living with them she's kind of mine, too. She's born in Hamburg wich is just right across the country (about 800km) and don't ask me how we got her down here (ok, if you want to know: my sister's ex-fiancé was studying medicine so he knew how to deal with syringes and so they (she and her brother) slept through the ride). Since my sister and I moved in with our parents, Maus moved in, too. Because she's already been living here before my sister moved into the city center, she knows everything 'round here. Now she kind of belongs to the family. She's probably (hopefully) staying here forever even if my sister moves out sometime soon (and she will!). Although she's not very easy to deal with, very shy and not that cuddly, I really like her. Even if I can't sleep at night because she's walking over me, I still like her.

In Memory of:


Foto: coming soon!

Name: Kasper
Nicknames: Dicker, Käthi
*Summer 1997
Passed away: November 2005
Age: 9
Breed: unknown
Afraid of: nothing

Kasper was Mause's brother. He was the complete opposite of her. He was big, confident and very cuddly. And always hungry. We think that Maus is that little because he always ate her food, too. I liked him up to the time where he used my bag as a toilet (their toilet was always clean but he did that because I had made him mad (I wouldn't allow him to sit on the desk (hey, I was working on the computer and he blocked my view!))). He died becaue his heart stopped working. He had water in his lungs so he couldn't breathe and couldn't move his legs anymore. It was like a really bad horror movie but the worst part: I was alone in the appartement and did'nt reach anyone! I paniced, I really did. I called at least three veterinaries until I reached someone and my father agreed to drive me there (I reached him shortly after). But there wasn't anything we could have done so we said Goodbye. It was very hard for me and my sister. We cried all the way home. We visit his grave every now and then. We'll never forget about him!


Name: Dorina (originally "Nachtwind")
Nicknames: Dora
*January 1th 1991
Passed away: possibly January 2001
Height: 1.45m (7.25 hands)
Breed: Arabian x dt. Reitpony
Mother: unknown (Reitpony)
Father: don't remember his name...he was an Arabian
Gaits: 3 (pace, trot, canter)
Afraid of: horsewhips

Dorina was my first horse. I got her December 23th 2000 and I was the happiest little girl in the world. But not for long. She was already sick (if you could call that sick) when we bought her. But we didn't know anything about buying a horse so it was easy for "Mr. Smith" to trap us. He said that she was foundering because she had lost a shoe and that it would be better within 8 days. We called our veterinary two weeks after, when she was in great pain, because (of course) it didn't get better. He checked her up and it was the first time I saw her walking clearly because our verterinary had anesthetized her foot so she didn't feel any pain (it was for him to find out where it hurt her). I began to cry and our veterinary said: "What a shame. She is so beautyful!" She was only 10 years old and she had a very strong arthrosis in her left leg. There was nothing we could have done. Mr. Smith didn't want to take her back but after my father threatened to call the police, he gave in. Mr. Smith told me that he knew someone who would take her but I don't believe a word he said. She's probably dead by now *cries*. I'll never forget the look on her face when she had to go into that hanger. She didn't want to and always looked back at me. I cried myself to sleep that night.

Some more photos:


Luga: his favorite way to be carried: thrown over my left shoulder!

Maus enjoying the sun on our gaden bench

Diana is afraid of water but loves snow like crazy